The solution to bird problems 

-Keeping birds away 24/7 from     programed zones

-For use in vineyards, orchards, aquaculture settings and any area under pressure from bird presents 

-Immediate and long lasting results

-Effective over long distance

-Animal and environmentally friendly

Long range effective. For use near recreational areas, industrial sites, residential areas and agricultural.


For use in low light and indoor use such as on or in barns, feeding areas and short range bird deterrent.


How it works?

Once the laser beam gets projected towards the birds, it is perceived as a physical danger and fly away. Birds annually cause damage to crops, destroy rooftops, create unsafe situations at airports and transmit over 60 different diseases.

Atlantic Bird Control is a proud sales agent for Bird Control Group for the Eastern Canada. Further information can be found at the following link.

AVIX Academy Training 

AVIX Academy is your free online training to determine your bird problem area, use of product and planned installation.


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